Energy Management Solutions.

A complete list of energy management services

As Utility companies find new ways to hike hydro rates for clients, BendyGo open new opportunities to maximize on energy savings by providing a wide range of solutions

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction allows businesses to achieve a more efficient energy consumption, By only obtaining active energy that is required for their business operation from the grid .

Demand Charge Reduction

Peak demand, which is based on the highest demand you require during the given billing period, through 15-minute intervals. Demand Charge has a huge effect on your hydro bill

Energy Circuit Monitoring

With the ability to view the consumptions in each seperate circuit, this program gives the ability to business owners to spot irregularities and overconsumption, which leads to huge savings in the long term.

Demand response

Demand response occurs when an electricity consumer reduces their energy demand at specific times either in response to changes in the price of electricity or to incentives during peak period. **
Power Factor Correction.

Power Factor = Usable Power / Total Power Available

What is Power Factor

Power Factor is KW/KVA, KVA (kilovolt amperes) is essential to maintain the magnetic field (reactive power), While KW is the active power that is needed to keep the machinery running.

Is 100% Power Factor Optimal ?

Absolutely! Power Factor ranges between a 100% and 0%. A value of 100% is referred to as unity power factor and all the power supplied is active power, while 0% means all the power is reactive power and no useful work can be done.

How does this affect my Hydro Bill

Utility Providers deliver marginal KVA at no cost, but when KVA is much more than KW, Hydro Companies are required to provide it at cost, thus charging for electricity you theoretically dont use.

What other Benefits High Power Factor Provide?

1- Reduced Demand Charges
2-Improved Voltage
3- Reduced System Power Losses
4- Increased Lifetime of Equipment
Energy Circuit Monitoring .

What is Energy Circuit Monitoring

Energy Circuit Monitoring provides business owners with the peace of mind and accuracy needed to run an efficient business. Due to the system ultra-low cost, multiple advantages can be gained.

Can Circuit Monitoring be beneficial for me?

Absolutely, Circuit Monitoring can provide long term benefits, it allows owners of the system to monitor irregularities and shifts demand to avoid higher charges.

Feautures of Circuit Monitroring

1- Monitors voltage, amperage, power,& energy
2- Real-time reporting (24 hours)
3- Unlimited custom reports to meet your requirements

What is the difference between regular monitoring and Circuit monitoring

Circuit Monitoring allow individual circuit monitoring which is beneficial
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