Financing Options

There Is a Solar Option For Everybody


Lease to Own Option

Now, you can own your Solar Power System while keeping your financial freedom! By choosing Lease to Own with BendyGo, you can go solar without tying up your cash, credit, or capital. The ability to borrow against home equity will be unaffected. Also, you’ll avoid the need to recoup solar equipment costs when you move.

Prepayment Option

Prepayment Option at a guaranteed ROI of 13%-15%. Under this option, the Client make a one-time prepayment at the time of the execution of this Agreement. The Client will receive an Annual Return paid yearly for the entire term of this Agreement at a guaranteed ROI of 13%-15% . Prepayment amount is determined prior to the execution of the Agreement. The Annual Return is calculated based on the number of kilowatt hours of direct sun exposure the Solar Equipment will receive.

Hybrid Solution

BendyGo offers multiple Hybrid Solution to varied customers, across Ontario. The Hybrid Solution comprises of the following options:
1-MicroFIT – Net Metering
2-FIT – Net Metering
3-Net Metering - Storage Systerm
4-MicroFIT – Storage System
5-Off-Grid- Electrical Generator- Storage System.

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