Solar power in Ontario

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While thinking about solar power, Canada is not the first place that comes to mind. This part of earth is generally associated with limited sunlight, and cold weather, especially in the winter season. However, the country has a lot of power potential. There are numerous and abundant open spaces that could support large enough solar arrays in order to offset the lack of direct sunlight. Many other solar applications are available like thermal, passive, and photovoltaic that may indeed help promote the idea of solar energy on a mass scale.

There are vast stretches of wilderness from metropolitan to another; many kilometres can separate little communities from the large grid stations. Therefore it can be more feasible for many of the small communities to set up solar power system for their communities or homes instead of spending a huge budget to bring a power grid to them. You can also seek help from a number of different websites that are rendering their services for installing the solar panels for home as well as commercial solar system at extremely inexpensive rates.

Canada is not considered as an ideal location in context of sun. But in the summer season there is plenty of sunshine and for even much longer time periods. So abundant of sunlight can be provided to the solar residential system as well as small communities. In the winter season as the days are shorter, angling the panels and adding more of them can make up for lack of direct sunlight. There are also some other good complementary energy sources that are reliable as well as less expensive, including:

  • Wind turbines
  • Hydroelectric
  • Back-up generator

With the latest technologies being developed for the solar energy system, photovoltaic cells are known as more efficient, able to pick up the light spectrums and cells are developed and could be used for roofing tiles etc.; the potential is endless. It means that the solar power system is more efficient than ever before and is less expensive as well.

When we talk about solar power, Canada is developing by leaps and bounds. The number of private house and businesses that are turning to the alternative source of free energy are growing more and more. There are also many several commercial applications that run on solar like:

  • Navigational markers
  • Traffic signals
  • Municipal water distribution and many others.

In late October 2009, the government of Ontario started the programs named Feed in Tariff (FIT) and MicroFit. This program used to encourage the development as well as the usage of renewable energy sources, particularly solar power. The FIT is the program to help installing the projects of 10 kW or more. While Fit and micro-Fit are coming to an end by 2018, Net-Metering is shining more than ever.

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