Protect your solar panel from animal damage

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Protect your solar panel from animal damage

we found out a lots of clients who installed solar system on the roof experiencing the disturbing from the animal , who make a house under the panels.  As the result,  the animal may chew the cable under the panels, which not only make you loss income, but also generate the potential safety concern.

Please find the attached brochure for your information.

If you need it, the cost is $1,500 including the material and labor.


How it works?
Protects your solar array from squirrels, rodents and birds from chewing your solar cables or making a mess with bird droppings.
Constructed from stainless steel galvanized material that will prevent corrosion.

J-Hook easily attaches to the solar panel frames.
Stainless steel washers will firmly hold wire screen to the modules.


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