About us

Bendygo Solar & Energy Finance is a highly specialized, experienced finance service dedicated solely to providing finance solutions to residential and commercial customers, solar installers and the energy sector.

We provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right across Canada, including PV solar, batteries, storage, power factor correction, Off grid solar energy system and more

We offer our business partners and their customers prompt, efficient and professional advice backed up by genuine old-fashioned personal service.

Bendygo Solar & Energy Finance is proudly a 100% Canadian business with no affiliations or ownership links to any bank, lender, solar company or installer.

What Do We Do?

  • We provide specialized and experienced advice, support and service to solar installers, solar retailers, the consumer and business owners, corporations, etc.
  • We offer a range of residential and commercial finance solutions designed specifically for PV solar, storage, batteries, off grid, Heat Pump, LED and more!
  • We combine our many years solar & finance experience with our solar industry knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • In terms of the finance applications, our experienced team takes care of everything from the processing, approval, documentation, settlement and beyond.
  • We guarantee to process all new finance applications within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • We provide, and encourage, direct access to our team personally, there is no call center at Bendygo Solar & Energy Finance just good old-fashioned personal service.

How It Works?

  • We work closely with our qualified local engineers & installers for solar, LED lighting, heat pump, battery energy storage installations
  • We work closely with our qualified local solar and energy equipment distributor – solar, LED lighting, heat pump, battery energy storage
  • After the combining the cost of the installation, equipment and finance, plus the government incentive if applicable, we offer a customized and flexible financial terms and rate programs.

What makes us different


Bendygo’s proprietary finance solutions cover’s the costs of the renewable energy system, with no-money upfront & 100% risk free!

There are never any “merchant fees” & the equipment is used as the collateral, never tying up assets or effecting customers ability to borrow!

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