Everything You Need to Know about Battery Energy Storage Solutions

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battery storage solutions



Innovative battery storage solutions are intended to help Ontario residents store large quantities of naturally renewable energy and use it to power their commercial or residential properties in times of need. The municipal government is actively encouraging citizens to partake in this program by installing state-of-the-art solar systems in order to make energy usage more efficient and sustainable for future generations. Scaling back the harmful environmental effects of global warming and saving Canadians money on their monthly utility bills are two of the government’s top priorities in this endeavour. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about how battery energy storage units can better facilitate energy management in a feasible and affordable manner.

Battery Energy Storage for Grid Stabilization

Installing a high-end solar panel system for your home or business doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg; in fact, it can actually have the opposite effect if you go about it the right way. Whether you choose to go completely off-grid or opt to install a hybrid solar system that allows you to stay connected to the grid while simultaneously generating your own energy sources, you could enter into a fairly lucrative, money-saving deal.

Off-grid systems allow you to use your own sources of renewable energy without having to rely on the main power supply in your region. The more power you’re able to generate on your own, the more you have to store. Any excess power that you’re storing can be sold to your local power company where it’ll be integrated directly into their power grid and then distributed within your community. You can work out a compensation deal with them in exchange for providing that additional energy.

In times of natural disaster or power outages, you might even be able to make even more money for providing this energy to your neighbours. The caveat is that you have to consistently provide enough energy to continue powering your own property and giving back to your community at the same time.

On the other hand, remaining partially on the grid means that the energy your property generates won’t be used on a regular basis. Since you’re still connected to the grid, you have the option of continuing to use it as your main source of power and reserve your stored strictly as a contingency plan in emergencies. Again, you still have the option of commissioning some of the excess power to the main power company in your town.


Advantages of Installing an Energy Management System

Aside from the fact that installing these storage units provide excellent energy management solutions for your home and business, they can also help you save a great deal of money (in addition to supplementing your income) and minimize the size of your carbon footprint. By acting as a renewable power source supplier in your community, you’re also setting a good example for future generations and encouraging your neighbours to follow in your footsteps. Think of the positive impact of this decision as somewhat of a domino effect.

Bendygo Solar is a proud supplier and proprietor of custom-designed and made-to-order solar panel systems, specializing in rural parts of Ontario. Our main goal is to make renewable sources of energy available to as many Ontarians as possible, one household or commercial establishment at a time. To learn more about our products and services or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us.

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