Is now a good time for solar solution?

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Is solar power worth it without rebate support?
The Answer is YES for certain electricity consumers that meet certain criteria
  1.  Monthly electricity bill payment $150 and more
2. Residential or small business with the peak load less than 50kw, delivery fee is charged based on electricity consumption.

There is a certain fixed cost to install a solar system such as design, engineer, connection and project management no matter the system size, hence, the larger the system, the less average cost per watt, the better return on investment.

Topically, the pay back year is between 7 to 10 years and 40 years ROI is over 15% to 25% depending the system size,  the roof orientation, shade, roof angle, location…

Is now a good time for the solar solution?
YES, here is the reasons:
1. Due to the trade war between China and USA, Chinese government cut all of the solar rebate, plus the other countries’ solar subsidy slow down, it results the solar industry slow down world widely. the over production leads the cheaper solar equipment. we see the solar equipment cost dropped 15-20% compare to last year.
2. we offer 15 years open loan that let you use the money for hydro bill to own a solar system, which not only eliminate your electricity bill, but also bring value to your property.


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