power factor correction – commercial

Power Factor Correction

Streamline Your Electrical Network’s Capacity.
Lower utility power bills, cooler equipment operation and longer equipment life.
Simple Pay Back About 3 Years



Power factor correction capacitors supply the reactive power (kVAR) required by inductive loads. By correcting poor power factor ratings, capacitors reduce kVA demand thus off-loading transformers, switchgear and other equipment. The reduced kVA demand results in lower utility power bills, cooler equipment operation, and longer equipment life.

How it works

Our ReactiVarTM AV5000 low-voltage capacitor systems provide the benefits of a centralized solution at an attractive cost for most small to medium industrial, commercial and institutional users. An advanced power factor controller switches capacitor modules to match the load fluctuation to maintain a target power factor. It is a flexible and effective reactive power compensation system in low voltage networks where current and voltage harmonic distortion levels are minimal.


up to 6 years lease or 10 years finance with competitive rate.
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