Renewable Sources of Energy

Solar energy is a totally natural and renewable source of energy. Centuries ago, humans discovered that the earth produced various renewable sources of energy and that this energy could be harnessed as light and electricity. The discovery of solar energy isn’t anything new or particularly revolutionary at this point in history since it’s been used for a number of years. However, the ways in which we’re currently able to use and store energy, not to mention the amount of it we can now harness, is what’s improved. At Bendygo Solar, we want to remain a vital part of the solar energy food chain by providing Ontarians with high-quality solar panels that allow them to fulfill their renewable energy goals such as saving money on their monthly bills and contributing to the overall well-being of the environment.

What Are Renewable Energy Sources?

When it comes to renewable sources of energy, it’s important to understand that they’re all derived from natural resources produced by the earth or other celestial organisms. The most well-known source of renewable energy is, of course, the sun. Technically, the sun is a large star that’s been providing heat and light for the earth for more than four billion years. Science has taught us that the sun is an endless renewable source of energy for the earth that provides enough solar energy in one minute to satisfy the needs of our planet for an entire year. That means, in a single day, the earth receives enough renewable energy from the sun to sustain us for another 27 years. Other sources of natural energy include petroleum and coal, which are both extracted directly from the earth and then processed for human consumption.

Main Sources of Energy and How They’re Used in Canada

Hydroelectricity is one of the most well-known renewable sources of energy that exists and is naturally produced and processed in Canada. As one of the world’s largest producers of hydroelectricity, Canada contains approximately 632 large dams and has six major ones that are used to create hydroelectricity. It also has 479 hydroelectricity processing plants throughout.

Although this is something many Canadians take for granted, a large variety of institutions and industries rely on and benefit greatly from the renewable sources of energy that exist and are harnessed throughout Canada. These include the rail network, the road network, marine transportation infrastructures, the infamous pipeline infrastructure, aerodromes, and all of the major airports. In a way, renewable sources of energy are an integral part of our daily lives in Canada and many of us don’t even realize it!

Solar Power – A Clean, Renewable Source of Energy

At Bendygo Solar, we strongly believe that the way we care for our planet matters. After all, there’s only one planet earth and like many worthwhile aspects of our lives, we get out of it whatever we put into it. That means doing everything we can to continue caring for our unique planet and making sure that we lead sustainable lives and leave a healthy planet for future generations. To learn more about our solar power initiative and how it can help you and your family minimize your environmental impact while also lowering your electricity bills, please contact us today.

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