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Under Ontario’s MicroFIT and Net Metering programs, home owners in Ontario can get a FREE solar power system to offset or even replace your hydro bill.

15 Percent Annual Return on Investment

Unlike other fluctuating investments, a home solar electric system offers a guaranteed return of up to 15 percent.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Did you know that home solar panels can help boost the value of your home? Studies show that installing a solar electric system can increase the value of your home by three to four percent*, while homes with solar panels sell twice as fast as those without.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Hydro Bill cost

On average, home hydro in Ontario costs more than any other utility. As the cost of electricity increases, the return on self-sustaining home solar energy has never been greater.

Helping Canada Meet Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Goals

Canada has set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030. This will require the help of all those living and working in Canada, including homeowners and businesses with available rooftop space. Be the change by investing in a home solar electric system this year.

Residential Programs


Net Metering

Ontario's Net Metering Program allows you to send electricity generated from Solar Systems to the electrical grid for a credit towards your energy costs.

MicroFIT Program

Micro Feed-in-Tariff is an Ontario Government Guarantee Program which offers 20-year commitment to purchase power from the residential owners at a pre-fixed rate.


Solar Power Purchasing Agreement is a financial agreement where BendyGo arranges the design, permitting, finances and installation of a solar energy system on a customer's property at little to no cost.

Off Grid

Off grid options are a clear leading choice for homeowners or businesses in remote areas and looking to capitalize on solar power technology.
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