Residential SOlar
Home owner could generate solar energy for the own use

Residential Solar & Energy Finance

  • With soaring electricity bills and attractive Government incentives, the surge in popularity of Solar PV systems for households has been incredible.
  • Now with new battery storage technology in the marketplace, homeowners can even go completely “off the grid” and have total control over their energy consumption and costs. Just as Solar installations are a very technical and skilled area of expertise, so is Solar Finance. Here at Bendygo Solar & Energy Finance we specialize in finance options for PV Solar and energy related products.
  • We hold accreditation with financiers that we are specialists in solar energy loans, whereas most major banks and lenders are not comfortable with solar financing and they prefer taking a mortgage over your house. At Bendygo  Solar & Energy Finance we offer flexible solar loan options to meet the home owner’s special needs.
  • We also offer fast and genuine personal one-to-one service, you can call our office and chat to our team anytime without going through the frustrating layers of a bank call center overseas and then waiting 2 weeks for the bank to give you an answer to your loan application.
  • Bendygo Solar & Energy Finance offers consumers a competitive, simple to understand and transparent solar loan solution designed to reduce your stress and suit your budget.

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Solar Net Metering

Ontario’s Net Metering regulation allows you to send electricity generated from renewable sources to the electrical grid for a credit toward your energy costs.

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Off-Grid Solar Power System

Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your home leveraging our complete off-grid solutions for homes.

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Solar PV + Battery Storage

Secure power for your home during grid outages by retrofitting your grid-tie system with backup power using proven Schneider Electric’s solutions.

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Heat Pump

An air-ground-source heat pump is a smart investment that pays for itself over time. With these new rebates and so many options to choose from, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system.

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