Self-Sufficient Energy Systems in Ontario

In many remote and rural parts of Ontario, monthly electricity bills are perpetually skyrocketing to the point that a lot of residents are having a hard time keeping their heads above water. It seems as if there’s no end in sight and an increasing cost of electricity utilities in this province places a lot of Ontarians in very precarious and uncertain financial situations. A lot of homeowners are regularly defaulting on payments or only making minimum monthly payments to keep their lights on. As a result, many solar companies are offering a viable and affordable solution to this growing problem: installing self-sufficient energy systems throughout homes in Ontario.

Bendygo Solar is one of the main proponents and proprietors of this solution and as such, we’re working hard to provide Ontarians with affordable province-wide renewable sources of energy. Keep reading to learn about how your home can also become energy self-sufficient.

How to Become Energy Self-Sufficient

Establishing an energy self-sufficient home is actually a lot easier than you might think and the upfront high cost of installing energy storing batteries and solar panels in your home can be offset by the long-term cost-effectiveness of going either partially or totally off the grid. Over time, you’ll start to notice that you’re actually saving a great deal of money and if your home is producing or storing more energy than it’s using, you’ll be automatically eligible to receive a biweekly or monthly rebate for the energy you’re supplying to the rest of the neighbourhood.

While some homeowners have initialized do-it-yourself solar battery and panel installation in order to reduce the cost of this endeavour; this method is highly inexpedient because lack of experience in this line of work could pose a great deal of potential risks to your safety. It’s better to hire a trusted professional energy solar system installation company to do the job for you correctly the first time rather than having to pay for damaged solar panels to be removed and re-installed later on.

Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Solar Power Systems in Ontario

Right now, Ontario is one of the leading provinces when it comes to encouraging the installation of self-sufficient off-grid solar power systems. Residents in rural areas are especially keen on the idea as electricity is at a premium rate in these areas. In fact, an increasing number of residents are expected to consider installing self-sufficient solar power systems throughout the province in the coming years. The benefits of doing so are just too good to pass up. Not only is this an energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to burning fossil fuels, but it’s also a perpetually renewable source of energy that could save residents a substantial amount of money each year.

Self-Sufficient Energy Systems from Bendygo Solar

As one of the leading solar panel distributors and installers in Ontario, Bendygo Solar is proud to have served countless homeowners throughout the province and helped them create more energy efficient living spaces for their families, neighbours, and future generations. To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our solar energy experts and find out if your home is eligible for a state-of-the-art solar power system, please contact us!

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