Solar Energy Solutions for Home Developers

The benefits of installing solar panels for new home developments are endless. Aside from being an environmentally friendly alternative to using electricity from your municipality’s main power grid, investing in solar energy can also help homeowners save a great deal of money on their monthly utility bills. Whether you install completely off-grid, hybrid, or grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems for your residential property, a strong and reliable solar energy system is always a solid long-term investment. That’s why Bendygo Solar is committed to providing top notch solar energy solutions for home developers from the early stages of the construction process.

Solar Energy Resources for Home Builders in Ontario

Recent market research both in the United States and Canada have shown that homes that are equipped with solar panels are in higher demand than those that are strictly connected to traditional electrical grids. In fact, the market value of energy efficient homes is so high that many buyers are willing to pay premium rates just to get their hands on one. These savvy buyers understand that, from a business and investment perspective, these homes are extremely valuable and their market value will only continue to appreciate over time.

A new and comprehensive set of guidelines is currently in the works from Natural Resources Canada that outlines how homebuilders can efficiently, safely, and securely incorporate the use of solar energy solutions into their new builds. These guidelines are made to be simple and cost-effective so that more and more construction companies within the industry will partake in them and make the switch to solar energy. The goal is to educate as many homebuilders and their employees on the benefits of integrating solar-optimized homes into their repertoires and make this the normative way of life for future generations.


Bendygo Solar is one of many renewable energy companies that’s working diligently to make this initiative come into fruition much sooner rather than later for a more affordable rate for homebuyers.

What’s in It for Real Estate Developers?

In case you’re wondering, homeowners aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit and in some cases, profit, from investing in affordable solar energy solutions for their residential properties. Real estate developers can also take advantage of lower energy costs and can even increase the value of the properties they’re building. It’s estimated that the cost of designing, manufacturing, installing and using major utilities will actually surpass the cost of installing and using solar panels. All of those overhead costs fall largely on the developers, which forces them to increase the price of the residential properties they hope to sell. This negatively impacts the real estate market in any given region and makes it generally harder to sell homes. By installing solar panels as a reliable source of renewable energy, real estate developers can leverage the average costs of building homes and spend less on the materials they need.

What Role Does Bendygo Solar Play in All of This?

Bendygo Solar is one of the primary proprietors of high-quality and state-of-the-art solar panels in Ontario. We work closely with homebuilders and homeowners alike to recommend, deliver, and install reliable solar systems for their homes. Whether you’re building a home or in the market to purchase one, there’s no denying that renewable and sustainable solar energy is the right choice. To learn more about how we can implement a solar system for your home while helping you save money and decrease the size of your carbon footprint, please contact us!

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