Solar Panel Net Metering Programs in Ontario

Earlier this year, the Government of Ontario made the very wise, economical, and environmentally-friendly decision to introduce a brand new solar energy initiative known as the solar panels net metering program. If you’re not entirely familiar with how solar power systems work or how this new initiative can benefit citizens of this fine province, then it’s time to do some research! Net metering is an incentive-based initiative that has the potential to help improve the lives and financial circumstances of everyone who chooses to participate in it.

Bendygo Solar is committed to providing educational material that raises awareness of this topic and keeps Canadians thoroughly informed on how solar energy works. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about how to implement renewable energy sources into your everyday life and improve your energy usage!

How Does Solar Energy Net Metering Work?

It’s simple. Solar energy net metering works by keeping you connected to the main electrical grid and allowing your home to generate and collect energy from naturally renewable sources such as the sun and the wind. Once your home collects enough energy to sustain itself, it becomes an energy powerhouse. When it gets to the point where your home is producing an excess amount of energy at any given time that energy will be harboured within your solar batteries and saved for times of the year when your home’s energy production levels are low. Basically, that energy will be sent to the main grid and then returned for future usage or you can work out a deal with your electrical company where they’ll credit you for the excess energy.

Residential and Commercial Net Metering Programs in Ontario

Commercial and residential net metering programs in Ontario are exactly the same. The only difference is that one accounts for businesses and public buildings, whereas the other accounts for privately owned properties and residences. Most private and public institutions throughout Ontario are legally permitted to install solar panels in order to decrease the general size of the province’s carbon footprint and improve environmental operations.

Who Is Eligible for the Solar Panel Net Metering Program in Ontario?

Anyone who’s interested in helping sustain and improve the environment while also reducing the cost of their monthly utility bill is eligible to install energy-efficient solar panels on their property. In fact, the Government of Ontario highly encourages it through their net metering incentive program. As long as you’re planning on generating naturally renewable sources of energy for your own personal use or the use of your surrounding properties and you adhere to all of the guidelines outlined by the government, then there’s no reason why you can’t participate in this program.

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