The Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar Power System

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off-grid solar power system


As the conversation regarding the many merits of solar energy use continues, a lot of people are seriously considering making the switch from electrical to off-grid sources of power, and for good reasons. Aside from the long-term savings involved, an off-grid solar power system offers numerous other valuable advantages such as remaining stable throughout power outages in your neighborhood, environmental sustainability, and providing a convenient alternative source of power for people living in remote or rural areas.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The best way of saving money on your monthly energy bills is by not having to pay them at all—and that’s exactly what will happen if you decide to go completely off the grid. Since your residential or commercial property won’t be connected to the main electrical grid in your area, that means it relies entirely on natural renewable sources of energy (primarily sunlight). Energy from the sun in this case can’t be subsidized by the government or major corporations because you’re not using any of their facilities or utilities to harvest it. The solar energy is directly absorbed by batteries installed in your home and then stored for further use in the evening and nighttime until it can be renewed the next day.

Solar Power Systems Remain Stable through Power Outages

Even if your entire neighbourhood or subdivision experiences a widespread power outage due to a major storm or natural disaster, your property won’t be affected. The solar system installed in your home will retain as much renewable energy as possible from the sun to help get you through these types of catastrophic events. You can think of the solar batteries installed in your home as backup generators in your time of need. While they won’t last forever, they will usually run for a long enough period of time to get you through a natural disaster.

Convenient Alternative Source of Energy for Rural Residents

Solar power systems are even more popular and beneficial in rural areas than highly populated locations for the simple reason that they don’t always have reliable electrical grids. Most rural residents are either forced to connect to a distant electrical grid in the next township over, which increases their monthly electricity payments substantially, or they need to install solar panels on their roofs to generate and sustain their own natural power. Many rural residents tend to choose the latter option because it not only saves them a great deal of money, but it’s also a much more reliable solution that helps them sustain greater amounts of energy for their own personal use.

Environmental Sustainability

The most important advantage of all when it comes to renewable energy is the fact that it helps the environment. Humans have imposed a great deal of damage on the environment through our industrial and agricultural endeavours, not to mention our individual bad habits that also contribute to our increasing carbon footprint as a species. Installing solar panels on the rooftops of our homes can help us reduce some of that impact and pay it forward to the one and only home planet we have: Earth.

At Bendygo Solar, our primary goal is to help Ontario residents become more aware of their personal environmental impact and help them make a positive change that benefits current and future generations. During our initial consultation, we’ll take the time to examine the current state of your roof and identify the proper placement for solar panels based on your specifications. Our solar panels come with a minimum two-year warranty and are guaranteed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Schedule a consultation with one of our solar energy experts today!

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