What Is Global Adjustment and How Does It Impact Ontario’s Energy Storage Initiatives?

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Since the instatement of municipal Global Adjustment (GA) legislation in 2011, the Ontario renewable energy market has become oversaturated with energy providers and generating facilities making bold statements about helping Class A consumers curtail high energy costs on their monthly bills. The main objective of the GA initiative is to stabilize the market prices of energy compared to the rates paid to these government-authorized generators, provide predictive and analytic data so that consumers (predominantly small businesses) can accurately prepare for shifting peak days/hours, and promote more environmentally friendly energy generating practices throughout the province. Renewable energy providers work in conjunction with companies that manufacture and install sustainable solar energy systems in Ontario to actively implement Global Adjustment solutions for local energy consumers.

What Is Global Adjustment and How Does It Work?

Simply put, Global Adjustment is described in one of two ways and every energy consumer in Ontario must pay it.

  1. It can be a line item payment that’s included on every energy consumer’s monthly electricity bill to help compensate for the cost of Ontario’s growing need for more sources of renewable energy,
  2. Or the Global Adjustment fee can be included in your time-of-use (TOU) cost.

The amount that you pay on your monthly bill as either a Class A or Class B consumer basically covers the cost of designing and building new energy facilities to account for the perpetually increasing demand for energy in this province. Additionally, it also accounts for the cost of repairing and updating the existing renewable energy infrastructure to help it meet the changing and growing demands of modern consumers. With each passing year, the number of small businesses, condominiums, as well as residential and commercial complexes is exponentially growing. This means that the province needs to constantly implement feasible energy and cost-effective solutions that are also environmentally sustainable.

How Are GA Consumers Classified?

According to the Industrial Conservation Initiative in Ontario, energy consumers can be categorized as either Class A or Class B depending on their projected and past energy consumption patterns as well as peak times for consumption.

Class A Consumers:Consumers in this category typically have an average peak demand of more than 5 megawatts and can therefore pay their GA fee in accordance with how much their property’s peak demand actually contributes to the province’s all-encompassing peak demand.
Class B Consumers: This includes consumers who have a peak demand of about 50 kilowatts to 5 megawatts. Their GA fee is paid according to their normal billing cycle through their local distributor. In January 2017, the province passed legislation allowing Class B consumers with an average peak demand of more than 1 megawatt up to 5 megawatts to switch to the Class A category to help them save on costs and participate in demand response programs.

The Impact and Benefits of Ontario Energy Storage

Whether you’re being billed under Class A or Class B, the comprehensive impact of installing commercial power backup solutions throughout the province is manifold. Even though the basic point of interest is to help save consumers money on their monthly electricity bills while simultaneously supporting Ontario’s conservation programs, there are a lot of benefits to implementing Global Adjustment avoidance initiatives, including the following:

Accurate Peak Time Forecasting

Given the fact that peak energy usage days and times can shift drastically at the drop of a hat, consumers need to make use of programs that can not only record previous patterns but also have predictive capabilities. Forecasting potential changes in peak energy usage times can help consumers prepare in advance for these shifts without having to worry about the cost of doing so. Since businesses typically don’t have the luxury of closing shop during peak hours, they can make other feasible and affordable adjustments to help compensate for their mounting electrical usage and costs. For instance, switching to commercial energy storage units in Ontario is an excellent way to help track peak time patterns and predict any future adjustments.

Sophisticated and Timely Energy Consumption Alerts

By participating in Ontario’s initiative to help reduce energy consumption and costs while also maximizing contributions from renewable energy resources, businesses can also save a substantial amount of money. Solar panel installation companies usually include access to energy consumption data that’s monitored and collected by sophisticated software. This software is designed to record and analyze your past energy consumption usage and alert you immediately when you’re about to enter into a potential peak time for usage. The benefit of this feature is that it allows you enough time to adjust your current usage patterns to accede with the predicted shift. Alerts are typically sent either via e-mail or any other form of electronic communications so that you’re fully aware of the changes as they’re occurring.

Market Intelligence Research-Based Analyses

Programs that send these automated notifications also conduct a great deal of in-depth market research and gather intelligence based on overall energy consumption in your region. Factors such as impending shifts in weather patterns, past usage cycles, and energy consumer contributions in your area are all taken into consideration while providing a thorough analysis of the data that’s presented to you. All of these factors have the potential to cause shifts in energy consumption instantaneously and that’s why it’s important to have up-to-the-minute access to this information in addition to the electronic alerts.

Access to Real-Time Energy Consumption Information

As a part of the commercial energy storage solution in Ontario, you’ll also have access to online dashboards that provide real-time updates for your facility. That way, you can maintain a personal record of peak times compared with your energy consumption and make necessary adjustments to your usage at your convenience.

Bendygo Solar is a proud distributor of high-end solar energy systems in Ontario. We provide solar panel systems for residential and commercial property owners throughout the province and work in complete compliance with the official guidelines provided by the Industrial Conservation Initiative. Contact us today to learn more about how global adjustment works and how you can benefit from installing a solar panel system on your property.

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