why go solar


Reduce or even eliminate hydro bill

Whether you are business, residential house owner or government entity, electricity cost can make up a large portion of your monthly expense. With a solar system, you will generate your free power for your system’s entire lifecycle over 30 years. Solar power offset is up to 100%.

Insulate from rising hydro rates

One of the most clear cut benefits of solar panels is ability to hedge from utility prices. In the past eight years, commercial electricity prices have gone up by an average of over 5 percent annually. By investing in solar energy system now, you can fix your electricity rate and protect against unpredictable increases in electricity costs.

Electricity Rate Forcasting

Increase in property value

Multiple studies have found that properties equipped with solar energy system have higher property and business values and sell more quickly than non-solar properties. According to a study by Berkeley National Labs, a solar installation can improve a home’s market value by 20%. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value properties at the time of a sale.

Great return on investment

Solar panels are not expense, they are one of the best ways to invest, with returns rivalling those of more traditional investments like stocks and bonds. In many cases, the system are cash flow positive in the first year.

Invest in environment

Average solar PV system avoids over 140 tons of carbon over lifespan.

The amount of clean energy generated by every 1kW solar system in each year compared to conventional utilities would be equivalent to:

  • Driving 39902  fewer miles
  • Growing 430 tree seedlings for 10 years
  • Taking 4 passenger cars off the road per year
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